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Electrical Thermal Imaging Inspections

Electrical Thermal Imaging Inspections

Introducing Electrical Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging plays a crucial role in electrical predictive maintenance programs by identifying potential faults and allowing for rapid inspections. Unlike a spot pyrometer, which requires individual testing of each component, a single thermal image can reveal various details simultaneously. This capability enables maintenance teams to perform remedial actions before critical asset failures occur.

Types of Electrical Equipment Needing Thermal Inspection

Thermal imaging can be utilized for a wide range of electrical equipment, including:

  • Distribution Boards and Fuse Boards: These are essential components in the electrical distribution system, and thermal imaging can help detect overheating fuses or connections.
  • Switchgears and Switchboards: These control the distribution of electricity within a building. Overheating in these components can lead to significant downtime and damage.
  • Control Panels: Used to manage and control electrical devices, ensuring they are operating within safe temperature ranges is crucial.
  • Busbar Systems: These conduct substantial amounts of electrical current, and thermal imaging can identify hotspots that may indicate potential failures.
  • Transformers: Critical for stepping voltage levels up or down, transformers need to be monitored to prevent overheating and failures.
  • High Voltage Systems: Systems operating at high voltages are particularly susceptible to insulation breakdowns and other heat-related issues.
  • Batteries: Overheating batteries can indicate issues that could lead to failures or even fires.
  • UPS Systems: Uninterruptible Power Supplies are vital for backup power, and their reliability can be ensured through thermal inspections.

Importance of Electrical Thermal Imaging Inspections

Thermal imaging inspections offer a cost-effective method for ensuring electrical systems do not burn out or fail. This is especially crucial in industries that rely on high voltage systems or require continuous power, such as data centers, banks, utility providers, manufacturing plants, and hospitals. The benefits of thermal imaging inspections include:

  • Extension of Equipment and Building Life: Regular thermal inspections help in maintaining the health of electrical systems, thereby extending their operational life.
  • Reduced Downtime: Identifying and addressing issues before they cause failures leads to less downtime for critical assets.
  • Energy Efficiency: Thermal imaging helps in detecting inefficient operation, which can result in energy savings.
  • Prioritized Maintenance: Maintenance efforts can be better targeted based on the findings of thermal inspections, ensuring that the most critical issues are addressed promptly.
  • Prevention of Damage: Early detection of issues helps in preventing fires, short circuits, and other consequential damages to facilities.

Components of an Electrical Thermal Imaging Report

Our thermographic survey reports are designed to meet stringent standards and ensure the highest quality of reportage. These reports, reviewed and approved by Level 3 trained Thermographers, include the following sections:

  1. Introduction and Report Summary: This section provides details about the electrical thermal inspection and a concise summary of the findings.
  2. Main Fault Report Pages: For each identified fault or anomaly, a report page is generated, describing the fault, its severity, and recommended remedial actions.
  3. Appendices: This section includes a checklist and images of every inspected asset, providing an auditable record of the inspection and the health of the equipment at the time of the survey.
  4. Trend Analysis: By establishing a baseline, thermal trending inspections can monitor temperature changes in the same components over time (typically annually). This helps in detecting performance declines and scheduling maintenance before failures occur.

Our Reporting Process

We invest significant time and effort into our reports, ensuring they are among the best in the industry. While initial conclusions may be drawn on-site, the final report is only completed after thorough analysis of all data. Our goal is to provide reports that are clear, comprehensive, and easy to reference.

How to Arrange an Electrical Thermal Imaging Inspection

Our certified Level 3 Thermographers conduct inspections adhering to all necessary standards and current regulations. To arrange an inspection, we require basic details such as the building address and the number of electrical installations within the building. Floor plans can also aid in orienting our team during the inspection. We will provide a detailed checklist to help you prepare for the thermal survey.

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